Proof that Family Pictures are Hard Work

You would think my own children could just sit still for five seconds for a photo!  Not at all! I have thought many times about what the cost should be for a family session should be.  I have looked a prices of other photographers.  And I can tell you one thing:  Family Pictures are hard work. It’s a daunting thing for many mothers.  And it is for anyone behind the camera.  
Trying to get six, eight or even just three smiles and 
sets of eyes to look and be just right is like trying to nail Jello to a wall….
…with one hand.
(I have heard a husband or two complain about this kind of thing.)
We are no exception to the family picture production.
And let’s face it, it’s a major production.

*big sigh*
At least we try.
So, here’s to all the moms I know, who do Family Pictures at this time of year!

Good Luck!