A Winter Bride

This is my first bride.   And honestly, I was so nervous! {Isn’t she supposed to be the nervous one??  Hee Hee} Weddings and Brides are something that are intimidating to me to photography, for many reasons.  But this Bride, and her Mom, and I were happily surprised at how great the photos turned out.  Our location wasn’t the best.  I had a beautiful bride to photograph with a poor location.   

Regardless, I know that next time I will not shoot INDOOR at that place.  Outdoor would have been great, but we didn’t want to take the dress outside this particular time.  I hope to have more chances to do brides, engagements, and maybe someday, a wedding.  Thanks A for asking me to take your photos, and for giving me the opportunity to do my best.  I appreciate your trust in me, to capture you, as a young beautiful bride.  You are going to make a wonderful wife and someday, mother.
This is the photo that A, Her Mom, and I have fallen in love with. 
I can’t decide which one I like more.

5 thoughts on “A Winter Bride

  1. These really turned out beautiful. I like the black and white with the colored bouquet! My little sister just got engaged last night. I'm going to tell her to check these out. They are fantastic!

  2. Hi Gina! We know this girl. I think she babysat for us and all the boys thought she was so cute!! We had fun this morning and I can't wait to see our pictures. You can use any of them as demos on this blog too if you want….(This is Melanie from this morning, in case you didn't know)

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